About Me

Skyscraper and strawberry farm

My passion is all about healthy living. I will be glued to TV for any cooking shows or health related shows. How far is that true? I quit my IT consultant corporate job in one of the worlds tallest building in the world to work in a strawberry farm in a small town of Albany in Western Australia!

Many people whom I know commented that I must be mad to take such drastic decision. When I quit my job at the corporate world, I weighed 65 kg and was using prescribed glasses. After 3 months of working and living a simple life in strawberry farm, I weighed 57 kg and got rid of my glasses! 🙂

I have been involved in online publishing since 2008 but did not manage to put much effort into my website since 2010 as I was concentrating on getting married,changing Job,having a baby and migrating to new country.

VegetarianAndHealth is going to be a compilation of recipes, health, beauty, health retreats and fitness ideas. I have come across many vegetarians with so many health complications and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. This website is a combination of being Vegetarian and Healthy at the same time.

Non vegetarians can use the recipes too to have a change of menu once in a while. This website is not related to any religious organization nor belief. It is purely on the writer experiences and interest on health related topics for better living.