How To Eat At A Japanese Restaurant

I was browsing through Google with the keyword “vegetarian” and I only visited 1st, 9th and 11th page of Google’s search results. I came across a catchy domain name

My sister visited Japan in 1999 and she was devastated with the food as she is little fussy on food compared to me. She had family gatherings with her foster family and she had no choice but to consume raw seafood. She met with some of the local Malaysians studying there and apparently her group donated the balance Maggie Cups to them.

Maybe, back then Malaysians were not customized to Japanese food compared to now where Japanese restaurants such as “Sushi King” have mushroomed up to small towns like Taiping. We can get sushi almost in all the hypermarkets. Can a vegetarian enjoy sushi? Yes, of course. I myself being an avid sushi lover can’t resist sushi whenever I pass by a place with Sushi’s. I screen through the sushis and get advice from the staff to isolate vegetarian sushis.

What will happen, if you were to visit Tokyo? Are you just going to eat bread for the whole trip? I found an interesting article by HIROKO KATO titled “How to Eat at a Japanese Restaurant the Vegan Way”. Enjoy all types of food, the vegetarian way!

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