Mango Lassi Recipe

LaMango Lassissi Originated from India region and its traditional yoghurt based drink. There are various types of Lassi, Salted Lassi, Sweet Lassi and Fruit Lassi. According to the folk remedies, Lassi treats gastroenteritis. Lassi consist of yoghurt and it has good bacteria needed by our digestive system.

Mango Lassi Recipe is so easy that even a 6 years old can make during summer time. Australia will be heading towards summer in a months time and we have to prepare ourselves for the 40 degrees above scotching hot sun.

Mango Lassi is refreshing and cooling during summer. Basic Mango Lassi is made of yoghurt, milk and mango pulp. Of course you have different versions of mango lassi with honey flavoured yoghurt, Cardamom powder, rose water and saffron. The below recipe is basic so that it caters to everyone taste.

Mango Lassi recipe for 2 people:

  1. 125 gm Greek Plain Yoghurt
  2. 250 ml Fresh milk
  3. 250 gm Ripe Alphonso Mango pulp
  4. 1 tablespoon sugar if the mango is not sweet

Combine all the 4 items and blend together. Serve chill with ice cubes.

I tried adding more yoghurt to the Lassi but I realize that it becomes too thick and the drink is not enjoyable. Normal yoghurt and milk can be replaced with Lactose free milk and Lactose free yoghurt for people with Lactose Intolerant diet.


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