Obesity has become a threat to human and governments are taking measures

Obesity has become a threat to human and governments are taking measuresObesity and Chronic illness has become a threat to human that governments are taking measures to reduce and promote healthy living.

Victoria Government in Australia says that it will allocate $127 million to deal with the rising rates of obesity and chronic illnesses if it is re-elected later this month.

The latest Victorian Population Health Survey was based on detailed interviews with 33,673 Victorians across the state’s 79 local government areas. It found only one in 13 Victorians eat enough vegetables to meet the minimum standards to remain healthy and are drinking more soft drink.

Victorian Health Survey also found the number of people with type two diabetes has risen from close to 14 per cent in 2003 to just over 17 per cent.

The $127 million package includes:

  1. $20 million to continue Healthy Together Victoria, the largest and most rigorously planned population health intervention and scientific assessment in Australia.
  2. $40 million to support community health services deliver integrated primary and preventative healthcare services to local communities;
  3. $22 million to support Victorians at risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions;
  4. $32 million for anti-smoking programs and tobacco control initiatives, including stop smoking programs, anti-smoking advertising campaigns, and education and
    enforcement activities;
  5. $5 million for services such as dietetics, diabetes education and nursing within community health services in country Victoria;
  6. almost half a million dollars to help reduce hospital re-admissions for Victorians living with heart failure;
  7. $4 million to improve the availability of information through the award-winning Better Health Channel;
  8. $2.8 million for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to expand their dental, diabetes and eye care into the Wimmera, East Gippsland and north East Victoria; and
  9. $1 million to continue and expand the number of Victorian health services participating in a program to support patients to be smoke-free.


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