Health Benefits Turmeric for Healthy Life

Turmeric herb benefit for health and body. Turmeric has been a vital ingredient in Indian cooking from North to South India, back dating to 1000 years ago. Moreover, this spice has been introduced to other countries by traders whom traveled out of India in early centuries and now it is available in most countries.

Health benefits turmeric is abundance which Indians have already discovered in early times but it is only being experiment by our Western scientist at this new age. I am not going to write that according to research by this University or that university, Turmeric has so and so benefits. I will write the benefits of Turmeric based on my knowledge which was passed down to me from my grandmother and mom whom is an Indian citizen. The benefits of the Turmeric are accurate as I am being using it since birth.

Turmeric powder

Health Benefits Turmeric

  • Try including Turmeric in your meal at least twice a week. Indians usually consume turmeric through curries and as far as I know, turmeric is included in most of their cooking. What you consume is what helps your body to function more effectively and healthy. I will write 5 – 10 recipes which uses turmeric in future blogs to assist you in consuming turmeric if you have not consumed turmeric before.
  • Turmeric is a good redeemer for chesty flu. Boiled milk in slow heat fire and add on ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder for a glass of milk. Pound 10 black pepper’s and adds in to the milk. Best to consume the milk while it is hot.

Turmeric for Facial/Body

  • Will you believe me if I were to tell you that I use turmeric powder as facial at least once a week. Yes I do and I have been doing it for the past 12 years and my face is acne/pimple free. In India, the ladies use turmeric for the whole body. Remember that turmeric used for cooking is different than the facial turmeric.
  • Young born babies are usually bath in turmeric water for few days if they are suspected of Jaundice and exposed to sun.
  • Turmeric also helps in certain disease or infections like chicken pox and small pox. Usually an individual in Indian society with chicken pox or small pox with bath in Turmeric water with Neem leave.

These are some knowledge of turmeric benefits that have been passed to me by my mother.


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