6 Super Health Benefits of Avocado (Persea americana)

The Avocado fruit is also called alligator pear. Avocado tree originated from Central Mexico. Now, Avocados are are cultivated in tropical and mediterranean places throughout the world.


Super Health Benefits of Avocado No. 1 – Better Absorption of Carotenoids
Eating fresh avocado or avocado oil added to a salad of carrots, spinach and lettuce increased absorption of carotenoids from the salad significantly. The highest concentration of carotenoids in avocado is in the dark green flesh just below avocado skin.

Super Health Benefits of Avocado No. 2 – Anti-inflammatory Benefit
Fat contained in avocado is unusual and it supports our inflammatory system that help keep inflammation under control. Avocado fats are helpful in problems involving arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Super Health Benefits of Avocado No. 3 – Anti-Cancer Benefits
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients in avocado is linked with it’s anti-cancer properties. Avocado anti-cancer benefits has been studied in prevention of cancers in skin, mouth and prostate gland.

Super Health Benefits of Avocado No. 4 – Blood Sugar Regulation Benefit
Avocado is a low-sugar food and is very low on the glycemic index. At the same time, avocado is high in dietary fiber, making it an important dietary source for blood sugar-regulating nutrient.

Super Health Benefits of Avocado No. 5 – Heart Health Benefit
Consuming avocado with significant higher nutrient intake has great benefits for heart health and general health.

Super Health Benefits of Avocado No. 6 – Cardiovascular Health Benefit
Avocado health benefit for heart and blood vessels gives a better cardiovascular health. Heart health is improved by intake of oleic acid which is the main fatty acid in avocado, and by intake of omega-3 fatty acids which is found in avocado in the form of alpha-linolenic acid.http://greatvines.com/buy-real-viagra-online

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