Tea recipe with medicinal uses to be consume during cold or flu

Tea Recipe with Medicinal Uses for Cold or Flu

Tea is widely consumed by many nations in the world. Sri Lanka is famous for its Ceylon Tea. Japan is famous for its Green Tea. China is famous for its Chinese Jasmine Tea. India is famous for Chai with milk. From the Europe, other type of teas were introduced such as Black Tea, White Tea, English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea. Then, there are soothing teas such as Chamomile Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Lemon Myrtle Tea, Rooibos Tea and Herbal Tea.

Sometimes our cold or flu has reduced but we still suffer from nose stuffiness and itchiness. The below Tea recipe for colds can be consumed until or nasal passage in free to breath without the assistance of mouth.

Tea recipe for colds:

Brew a cup of tea, then add dry ginger powder, clove, bay leaf and crushed black pepper. This tonic should be consumed twice a day and you may reduce the intake as the cold disappears.

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