Bilberry fruit Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Bilberry is a dark blue or indigo coloured fruit. Bilberry grows on low growing shrubs. Bilberry is often confused with its cousin Blueberry. Bilberry widely grows in the Scandinavian countries and Great Britain. Bilberry is widely used to treat eye related problems such as poor eye sight, cataract and to protect blood vessels of the eye.  

Bilberry fruit can be eaten fresh or made into sorbets, desserts, jams, juices and pies. In some countries, bilberry is used as a base for liqueurs and flavoring for crêpes. Bilberry is famous for “Tarte Aux Myrtilles” which is a traditional dessert.

Medicinal and Health Benefits of Bilberry

– Bilberry is good for eye sight and it is widely used in supplements.
– Bilberry is a good anti-inflammatory.
– Bilberry has antioxidant and lowers blood sugar levels.
– Bilberry contains flavonoids and protects blood vessels of the eye.

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