Health Benefits Of Sesame Or Gingelly Oil

Sesame’s existence and usage has been recorded as far as 3,000 B.C. Its scientific name is Sesamum indicum. Sesame is widely used by many races in various activities. I will list down few methods of using the sesame or Gingelly oil.

Chinese Sesame oil

Chinese people usually use sesame oil to cook their dishes. I usually cook fried rice using sesame oil. Something to note is that sesame oil used by Chinese people and Indian people are different. I will post photos soon to differentiate between the 2 different traditions of sesame oil.

Indian Gingelly oil

Indians will refer to sesame oil as gingelly oil or good oil. They use gingelly oil for various purposes. For cooking, sometimes they use gingelly oil compared to other cooking oils which they believe that it gives extra taste for the food.

I personally use gingelly oil for my hair. I have to use gingelly oil compared to other hair oils because gingelly oil is believed to reduce body heat. If I don’t use gingelly at least once a week, I will have pimples on my scalp due to heat. Gingelly oil is also good for face as it works as natural moisturizer which is good for skin. In India, people use gingelly for their whole body to reduce the heat as India’s hot season temperature is scorching hot.

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