Brazil Nuts Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

I have not heard about Brazil Nuts until I wrote this article. I have eaten Brazil nuts but did not know the name. Brazil nuts is a popular variety of the edible nuts. Brazil nuts are protected by hard dark brown shell. Brazil nuts are widely found in Brazil and Peru.

Brazil nut can be eaten raw as snack. Brazil nuts are usually used in cookies, salads and cakes.

Medicinal and Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

– Brazil nut is rich in zinc.
– Brazil nuts are also a good source of Vitamin E.
– Brazil nuts contains selenium which is an anti-oxidant enzyme.
– Brazil nuts are free from gluten.


Brazil Nuts Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses — 7 Comments

  1. Since I follow a gluten-free diet, I knew a little about the value of Brazil nuts, but the news about selenium was cool – thanks!

  2. Thanks for the excellent knowledge on Brazil nuts. I was unaware of their source of vitamin E. Thank you.

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  3. I have heard before that Brazil Nuts are healthy. What I would like to know how they compare to other types of nuts, and their levels of for instance zinc and vitamin E.