Hazelnut Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Hazelnut is widely grown in Turkey, USA and Italy but turkey is the largest producer in the world. Hazelnut is famous for Nutella, the bread spread widely consumed by everyone around the world. Hazelnut has protein, carbohydrate and dietary fiber. Hazelnut can be consumed as it is or roasted, salted and grounded. Hazelnut is also used to make cooking oil, chocolates cakes and muffins.

Medicinal and Health Benefits of Hazelnut

– Hazelnut has Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 which is important for pregnant ladies during 1st Trimester.
– Hazelnut has Vitamin E which protects against Anemia.
– Hazelnut has folic acid which is needed by growing foetus in womb.
– Hazelnut oil is a very good moisturizer for dry skin.

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