Cashewnuts Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Cashewnuts is the most famous nut consumed globally. Cashewnuts are used in cooking, medicine, herbal or consumed as it is. Cashew nut tree is in average height and the nut grows below the cashew fruit.Cashew nut is protected by shell which need to be processed to remove it. The ancient way of removing the shell, is through burning cashew nut with shell in the fire. Watch out for the fire sparks due to caustic oil. 

Cashewnuts can be eaten as snacks, cakes, garnish sweets or cooking food.

Medicinal and Health Benefits of Cashewnuts
– Cashewnuts are rich in zinc and pregnant women are encouraged to consume it often.
– Cashewnuts has high amount of dietary fiber.
– Cashewnuts has magnesium needed by our body.
– Cashewnuts has monounsaturated fatty acids and low good (HDL) cholesterol.

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