Energy Smoothie Recipe for Fussy Eaters

Energy Smoothie Recipe for Fussy EatersMonitoring Calorie intake for fussy eaters are vital because they will look like Skeleton soon enough if their diet is not taken care. I have a friend who is in her early 30’s, weighs only 40 kg’s and her height is about 1.63 m. She is quite fussy with food and prefers to blend and drink anything.

Hope this smoothie recipe will help her increase her Body Mass Index (BMI). Energy Smoothie Recipe for Fussy Eaters is delicious and revitalizes energy level.

The smoothie is almost 250 calories and will complement the daily dietary intake. 1 serving of the smoothie gives about 15 grams of protein and ladies need an average of 50 grams of protein daily.

Energy Smoothie Recipe for Fussy Eaters – 2 Servings


2 tbsp Organic Cocoa powder
2 tbsp Organic peanut butter
1 medium ripe banana
250 ml Vanilla Greek yogurt
A pinch of Cinnamon
6 ice cubes


1. Pour in the Cocoa powder, Peanut butter, Greek yogurt and ice cubes into the blender and blend at high speed.
2. Then, add in the sliced banana into the mixture and blend the smoothie until a soft consistency.
3. Pour smoothie into glass and serve chill with a dash of cinnamon on top.

Note: Consume immediately to absorb all the nutrients.


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