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Very active person with a high Metabolic rate, Very proud of body weight 51 KG for 5 Feet 4 ' once upon a time before 2006. Then body changed with a Workaholic lifestyle - Oily food, 6 glasses Caffein (Coffee + Tea), Dinner after 9 PM with lots of High GI food, Junk Food, Cakes. Body weight became 65 KG and big tummy... 2009 was an eye-opener because I thought I would never be able to loose weight again and go back to 51KG. I was on holiday working visa at Australia picking strawberries. I lost 8 KG in 2 months before my wedding! Rule of Thumb: Discipline with Food and Exercise!

Coconut Water and its Organic Compounds

Coconut has been used by many cultures especially in the tropics for centuries. Coconut tree grows easily only in tropical weather in countries such as Southeast Asia, India, Brazil, Pacific Islands and Africa. Coconut water has been instant dehydrator before we knew what was dehydration salt…

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